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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Raffle Dogs

Ratbone Rescues reimburses for ALL vet bills incurred by our fosterhomes. That’s where money from our major fundraisers (Quilt Raffle, etc…) goes, into the General Vetting Fund. However, often times we have additional vetting issues that arise. Tiny, the little Ratty with PDA is one example. Because of the generosity of everybody, we were able to raise the $3,500 necessary to pay for his surgery and follow-up care, and he is now able to live a long, healthy life, without needing to use any of Ratbone’s General Vet Fund!!Routine dental services is not something Ratbone normally reimburses, unless it’s a re-occurring problem and the dogs have severe dental disease. We currently have 2 dogs that require extensive dental vet services. Can you please help Ratbone raise money to pay for these 2 Ratbone babies?

East CoastOh Mickey (aka Mocha Mickey Budda Belly Muckalucka) is fostered by Sue Carello and is in Scotia, NY. He has recently had some unexpected oral surgery costing approximately $600.00+. Mickey had some sort of reoccurring abscess on his gum, and required surgery to drain and heal it. Mickey had surgery last Thursday and is healing and doing very well, thanks to the expertise of my wonderful vet, Dr. Bart, who gives Ratbone a generous discount on vetting services and also allows me to carry a balance on Ratbone’s Vet Bill.

West CoastWaldo is 8 years old, a pure bred Rattie, and came into Ratbone’s foster care in California because his mom who is in her late 70s had Alzheimer and she had to be put into an assisted living place & her 80 yr old husband decided to go too. Robin, Waldo’s fostermom got him about 10 months ago. His breath was so bad when she got him and she knew he had an infection. Robin brought him to her vet, and they put him on an antibiotic. It cleaned up the infection however they noticed at least one cracked tooth and dental disease and said he would need further treatment, including extractions if the infection comes back because of the severe periodontal disease he has. The infection came back, and Waldo needs a cleaning, extractions and further treatment – the estimated cost of Waldo's vetting will be approximately $500-$750.

See previous post for details on the raffle.

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