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Friday, November 21, 2008

Available for Adoption

Soldier came into rescue on Veterans Day. He had been a stray and was picked up by the Humane Society. No one claimed him and the Humane Society liked him so well that they held him until Ratbone could get to him. Soldier is part Jack Russell but his disposition is all friendly Rat Terrier. Soldier is about 20 pounds of muscle and is approximately 2 1/2 years old. Although he is lively and likes to play, he is not hyper and he is not alpha. Other dogs can take his food away from him. Soldier needs some work on his manners. He does know "sit" but he doesn't know his name yet and he doesn't understand "Come". His foster mom is working on that. As Soldier loves to please and trains easily, it won't be long before he learns some manners. This is a nice dog. Soldier is being fostered in Oregon.

Trucker Mickey is a 10 year old, large boned Standard Rat Terrier. He waskept outside and fed fattening foods for the past year until he became anobese dog. He was also extremely depressed when he came into rescue. Mick'sfoster mom has had him on a weight loss program and he has lost 12 poundsand he has become a happy dog again. Mick loves to go to the doggy park andsocialize with other dogs. He is also extremely happy getting to be aninside dog again with couch privileges. Mick plays well with other dogs, ishouse broken, will sleep anywhere you want him to and is just an all aroundgood natured dog. Mick is low maintenance but he will warn you if someonecomes to the door. Basically, Mick is a sweet, calm dog who is very gratefulfor a scratch behind the ear and a loving word now and then. He is easy tolive with and very loyal. Trucker Mickey is being fostered in Oregon.

Betty Boop is a little 12 pound female who has been badly over bred. She is about four years old and the first part of her life was hard. She is afraidof strangers but has become a very loving little girl with her fosterparents. Betty needs a safe, loving and secure environment. If she hearsfirecrackers or gunshots, she is very capable of going into a panic whereshe either hides or runs. If she runs, she will not let strangers near her. She would not be happy in a noisy home with lots of children. Betty has nowhad all of her medical work done and she is in good health. She is awonderful little dog in her foster home, responsive and very cuddly. OnceBetty warms up to you and realizes that you will not hurt her, she is anoutgoing, loving lap dog. Betty is house broken, uses a doggy door, is goodwith other dogs, is crate trained and will try and sneak into the bed. This is a very special little dog. Betty Boop is being fostered in Oregon.

A Comet has landed on Ratbone Rescues and he is the cutest little fellow you have ever met. He weighs 13 pounds and needs to gain at least another 2 or 3 pounds as he is very thin. The weight, could probably not keep up with this active, playful little guy. He loves to play fetch with the ball and can fly like a comet to catch the ball in mid-air at times. Comet is about a year old and has a lot of puppy in him. Let us know soon if Comet is the dog for you as this shooting star won't last long. To see more photos of Comet Comet is being fostered in Florida.

Sookie was a stray in Georgia, pregnant and unclaimed at the shelter. She had her babies the day after she was pulled from the shelter, and travelled to Florida to raise her little family. Her babies are ready for homes of their own now, so Sookie is beginning to think about a forever family of her own. Sookie is a devoted mother, but she is also a very determined squirrel hunter. She is estimated to be between 2 and 3 years of age, and weighs 18 pounds. To see more pictures of Sookie (and her kids)

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