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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Available for ADOPTION

Bonnie is an 11 pound, two year old, former back yard breeder female. She is so very sweet tempered & kind, and has no food or toy aggressions. Bonnie gets along very well with other dogs and puppies, and would probably do well with cats. Being a caged breeder dog Bonnie had little contact with people, and as a result she is shy, scared and submissive. She is learning to love and trust slowly, and we are working on leash and potty training. Bonnie has just started to play with toys, and if a person is sitting or laying down she will be cuddled up next to you, getting as close as she can; she's not a big licker. Bonnie loves having her soft belly rubbed, and relaxes like butter to your touch. She would be good in a home with another dog to pattern from, but not a good choice if you have children or a loud home atmosphere. Bonnie is going to be a wonderful dog for a very lucky adopter.

My name is Bravo, and I'm a gorgeous tan and white, 2-3 year old boy. I've had a rough time, but I'm doing better now. When I was rescued from a North Texas shelter, I had to get stitches in my shoulder because I'd been attacked by other dogs. I also ended up having to wear a neck brace for several weeks because one of the vertebrae in my neck had been broken. Because of that injury I can only wear a harness - no collars. After I recovered from my physical wounds, I was treated for heartworms. I have fun bossing around the dogs in my foster home, but I would love to be an only dog. I love to be petted, have my tummy rubbed and snuggle - though new people can be a bit scary (balls are a little scary, too). But I love rawhide chews! I like to throw them up in the air and play with them before I chew them up. I'm housebroken as long as the weather's nice (when it isn't I need a gentle push out the doggie door). I'm a great watch dog! I'm especially brave when my foster mom is outside and I want to protect her.

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