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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Available for Adoption

Freddy in California

Meet Freddy! Freddy is a gorgeous, tri-color Rat Terrier that is about 3 years old and weighs about 13 pounds. Poor little Freddy was hit by a truck in a busy intersection and his hip was dislocated. Lucky for Freddy, Ratbone rescued him and got him the hip surgery he needed. He has made a full recovery!
Freddy is an active boy who would love a family of his own. Freddy gets along well with adults and children, provided the children are gentle and respectful. He loves everyone in his foster home, including a 7 year old boy, 2 cats, and another small male dog. He does well with terrier-wise cats that don’t give chase. And he is a great watchdog! Sweet Freddy sleeps in his own bed without complaint, and can be crated for short periods of time, though he would much prefer to snuggle in bed with his person (under the covers, preferably!). Freddy is a champ and uses the doggie door reliably and is housetrained. He walks wonderfully on a leash and is very eager to please. Freddy also has impeccable manners – he won’t even jump on the furniture unless invited! Won’t you open your heart to this lovable, playful, and energetic little boy who so deserves a place he can call home? Freddy will return your kindness with a lifetime of love.
To see more pictures of Freddy please click here.

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