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Friday, February 27, 2009

Available For Adoption

Maizy (OR)
Maizy is a gentle, sweet little dog who was abused and abandoned in Moscow, Idaho. Her savior got her vet care and transported her to Ratbone Rescues in Oregon so she would be safe. Maizy is about 4 years old and at one time she must have been well cared for, as she has very nice manners, is house broken, knows "Sit", and is an expert at begging for treats. Maizy weighs 13 pounds, but should be about 12 pounds. In the month that Maizy has been in rescue, she has blossomed. Although still cautious and fearful, she seeks out cuddles and loves Lap Time. Maizy would not do well in a super busy home. She is especially fearful of men, but has learned to like the man in her foster home. She will even let him cuddle her on his lap. Maizy is great with other dogs, and is fine with children - unless they chase her, and then she hides. Maizy is totally non-aggressive. She is a wonderfully appealing little girl who is never far from her foster mom. If you want a sweet tempered, adorable little companion, this is the one.

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