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Friday, February 13, 2009

Picture of Love Raffle...... help Ratbone pay for surgery for an injured dog AND the tickets are only $1 each! The prize is a customed painted portrait of your dog(s). Below are photos of the injured little Freddy and an example of the artist's work. And, don't forget to follow the link to read about how Freddy came to be in Ratbone's care. It's heartwearming!

Here's sweet Freddy! He was hit by a car and faced euthanasia due to his injury and the resulting pain. You can read more about his ordeal here.

This is an example of the work from the artist who is donating a custom portrait for Freddy's raffle. Isn't it wonderful? Wouldn't you just love to have your dog's portrait done? Now is your chance to do so for only $1. Click here for Freddy's album and scroll down for raffle details.

PLEASE, if you can spare a dollar or two, help Ratbone help sweet Freddy. Freddy says "woof woof" - thank you!

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My Little Family: said...

Oh Freddy you are such a cutie! And that prize for your raffle is fabulous!!!! I bought some tickets right away.