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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Available For Adoption

Belladonna - Florida
Belladonna, better known as "Bella", is one sweet doggie. Poor Bella was rescued out of a kill shelter when she was just two weeks shy of having a litter of puppies. Thankfully, she made it to her foster home and was able to have the cutest litter of pups ever, and all are healthy. Bella is only about 1-2 years old and is so gentle and affectionate that it's a wonder how anyone could have parted with her. She loves everyone; other dogs, cats, children, you name it! The only enemy Bella has are the squirrels that capture her interest and set her on a good chase. She is a good sized Rat Terrier and has not lost all her weight from the pups yet, but is well on her way as she is very active and playful. Her favorite thing to do is lie next to her ostermom. She does enjoy toys though,and loves to give her toy chicken a good shake every now and then. She also loves to give big sloppy kisses so get ready to have your face cleaned with shows of affection. Bella is completely house trained and uses the doggie door like a pro. Bella will be eligible for adoption once she is spayed which should be around the middle of June.

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