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Monday, May 18, 2009

Available For Adoption

Milo Ponder - Oregon

Milo Ponder is a black and white Rat Terrier in Portland, Oregon who is need of a forever home. His original owner rescued him from a puppy mill and did not realize how much responsibility having a dog is. Milo P is a little over a year old. He loves long walks at the dog park, beach, and even just a walk around the block keeps him happy. He is eager to please, intelligent, and a fast learner. Milo is neutered. He has been raised around two Beagles and a cat. Milo is house trained but does have full time access to a dog door. He is crate trained but has spent little time there. He much prefers to snuggle with people and is an excellent foot warmer. Milo loves to play with his toys and is thrilled when someone joins in to play with him. He loves playing with the youngest Beagle in the household and sometimes even with the cat. He has shown no signs of being aggressive towards the household dogs or cat. He does well at the off-leash dog park and has shown no signs of aggression towards other dogs at the park. He is leash trained, knows his name, sits, stays, and comes on command. He will get in the car on the command of "load up". Milo loves dog treats but is eager to please for just praise alone. He loves car rides, but does not like to be near open windows. Like any Rat Terrier he thrives with interaction and activity during the day, but he is also content to sit on someone's lap and relax in the evening. Milo does not have much experience with children other than the occassional encounter during walks; in those instances, other than being somewhat shy, he did well. He is shy when meeting new people or dogs, except at the dog park. Once he knows someone though he believes they are his best friend.

Note: This dog is a "Guardian Assistance Placement" dog, meaning he/she is being cared for in a home that is not affiliated with Ratbone Rescues. The guardian has supplied vet records and signed an agreement giving Ratbone the right and responsibility to rehome the dog, but Ratbone does not have physical custody and cannot otherwise vouch for any of the information provided.

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