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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Available for Adoption

Tehya - Florida

Tehya is a Native America word meaning Precious, and this 4 month old little girl is definitely a Precious Dawlin' (dawlin': southern for "darling")! She was dumped at a rabies control center as a baby, barely old enough to leave her Momma. She was saved one day before she was due to be gassed. She gives many thanks to Ratbone Rescues for saving her and giving her a chance at the life she deserves. This little girl has a long tail and a long, slinky body. She may be a mix of Rat Terrier and Dachshund. She is piddle pad trained and is learning to use a doggie door. She is learning about walking on a leash and should never be walked without one. Tehya is bouncy and fun loving, and is one curious little girl that has to stick her nose in where ever she can. She would love a fenced yard where she can play all day. If she had her way she would be outside all the time, but this is not a good thing. Sometimes you have to make her come in to cool off and get water - she loves the outdoors so much. She is learning the commands of "stop", "stay", "leave it", "drop it" and "sit". She does very well with "leave it" and "drop it", but is still trying to master the rest. Little Tehya has brought so much laughter to her foster family and fits in very well with her foster siblings. She is being crate trained but would prefer sleeping with her people. She often cons her fosterDad into letting her sleep with him. Tehya does very well with other dogs and does not bother cats. She likes to nibble on fingers so a home with toddlers may not be the best fit for her, though older children should be fine. Her foster parents always give her a Nylabone to take the place of fingers or anything inappropriate that she may chew on. She has never chewed on shoes or clothes. Tehya is waiting patiently on her Forever home. Are you the special someone that wants a loving lap dog to spend time with? Tehya will love you with all of her little heart. Can you give her the same love she will give to you? If so please apply today, a little one as precious as this little girl won’t be around long! For more photos of Tehya:

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