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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Available for Adoption

Hank Junior - South Carolina

A true son of the South and a "River Rat", Hank Junior hails from rural Lancaster County (South Carolina), near the beautiful and winding Catawba River. Hank Junior weighs between 17 and 18 pounds and is extremely well socialized. When his foster-parents picked him up from the Lancaster County Animal Shelter, parolled Hank did not hesitate and made a bee line to their waiting car. "HJ" is also a very lively and energetic dog, and would do well with either a fenced back yard or frequent walks. Hank is a very enthusiastic young dog, maybe between a year and a half and two years old. He has a lovely, streamlined form, the bouncing gait common to Ratties, a shiny coat, and marvelous, dancing eyes. It is a treat to watch him race across a backyard; he can absolutely FLY! When Hank is curious or alerted, those famous Rat Terrier ears perk up. Hank was surrendered to the animal shelter by his previous owner because they were not able to continue to care for him. Nonetheless, a country boy can survive, and Hank has prospered despite his difficulties. Hank does well with cats and is friendly with female doggies, but takes time to warm up to the boys. He loves the outdoors and would make an excellent companion for someone who enjoys a loving boy with tons of energy and affection. More pictures of this good looking fellow can be viewed at

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