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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Available for Adoption

Tilly - Texas

Tilly is a 12 pound, 18 month old female. She is the biggest sweetheart! Tilly is crate trained, house trained and walks nicely on her leash. She will take the leash in her mouth as if to say "come walk with me". Her fostermom has not heard her bark yet. Tilly plays with the puppy she was rescued with. She is a little possessive of her squeaky toy, which she loves. Tilly is not at all mean though, just firm in the conviction that the toy is HERS! She sleeps in her bed at night and during daytime naps. Tilly doesn't chew on inappropriate things, but will chew on rawhide chews and nylabones. She has "altered" her squeaky toy, but has not managed to "gut" yet. For all the joy she gets from the toy, who cares if she "makes it her own"? She is ready to go to a forever home either with other playmates or as an only dog. She has only been tested around kids in the 9-10 year old range. Please consider Tilly - you will be well rewarded with lots of love and loyalty and kisses!

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