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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Available For Adoption

Gordy - Oregon

Gordy is a survivor of a hoarder in New Mexico. He is approximately one year old and weighs 15 pounds. Coming from an environment that didn't provide a great deal of human touch, Gordy is shy. He is very sweet natured and gets along very well with other dogs, so we feel he would do best with another dog to model from. Gordy is wary of people and will take time to warm up. He doesn't yet feel comfortable being petted, but he takes treats very softly and wags his tail to greet you. Gordy is inquisitive, gentle, and playful with other dogs. He uses the doggy door and sleeps in his own bed at night. Gordy has only been in foster care a short time, and hasn't fully began to trust; once he settles he will be a wonderful companion.

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