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Monday, September 28, 2009

Available for Adoption

Sophia - Florida

Sophia is a 12 pound Teddy Roosevelt (b-type) Rattie. She was found as a stray by Animal Control and taken to a county kill shelter in central Florida. No one came to get her in her three day time. Sophia is about 8+ years old. She had been well fed before she was lost, as she was a little sausage when Ratbone rescued her from the shelter. Sophia has been on a diet and now has her girlish waistline back.

Sophia loves to be loved. She will follow you around and lie by your feet where ever you stop. She is house trained with a doggie door. Sophia goes right out, does her business, and comes back in. Her foster-Mom thinks she was strictly a house dog, so should do well without a doggie door also. Sophia's hearing isn't that good, but she hears well enough. She also some clouding over her eyes, but according to the Vet she does not have cataracts. She seems to see fine.
Sophia loves belly rubs, chasing and playing with a small tennis ball, chewing and playing with bones, and riding in the car. She seems to love all people and especially small children. Sophia gets along well with her foster-sisters, but likes watching them play rather than joining in. Sometimes she tries to join in, but they're just too fast for her.
She hasn't met any cats yet at her foster home, but her foster Mom thinks she would have no problem with them. Since Sophia isn't as active as a youngster - she would do well in a house or apartment/condo. If you could give Sophia a loving home she would love you unconditionally.

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