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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Available for Adoption

Ivy In Arizona

Hi, I'm Ivy. I am a small standard-sized Rattie, and I weigh about 14 pounds. I'm a bit slim, but I do have a great appetite. I am about 1 year old, and boy am I smart! I was turned in to a shelter, but I don't know why. I know how to sit, lay, shake, come and stay. I pay close attention to my foster mom and take corrections very well; I like to do the right thing. Oh - and I can walk on my hind legs and dance in circles! I'll bet if you adopted me I could learn a bunch more tricks - maybe even excel at agility training. I enjoy people, dogs and even cats. I play with a 6 month old kitten and we have a great time. I do get very excited when my family comes home, but I settle down pretty quick. I also like to go for walks on a leash and play with toys; I like to carry them around in my mouth and sometimes hide them so no one else will get them; smart huh? I have also been doing excellent on house-training; no accidents since I arrived at my foster home! All in all I am smart, good looking, friendly and love to cuddle: what else could you want in a dog!

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