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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Available for Adoption

Lady - Oregon

Lady is estimated to be eight years old, and weighs 24 pounds. She is a bright girl who is actively looking to bond with her person. Lady will seek out physical affection, such as belly rubs, being petted and staying close to people. She has had a difficult time with the loss of her original owner, multiple foster placements, one failed adoption, and an airplane transport across the country. Lady has picked up some negative behaviors on her travels, including pulling while on leash and excessive barking at other dogs, squirrels, cats and motorcycles when out walking with her foster family. She has made significant gains in learning her place in her current foster home, but introductions to other pets can be difficult. Lady has previously lived with cats and other dogs; in her foster home she is living with other dogs. Lady has undergone a series of medical tests to address incontinence, however the results were inconclusive; she is taking daily medication that helps to a degree, but she currently wears a dog diaper to keep accidents to a minimum. Lady would be thrilled to be the only dog in a home - though she would also benefit from being in a multi-dog household - as long as there is firm guidance. Due to her previous experiences and insecurities, we feel she would do best with an experienced dog owner and/or a family that is committed to consistency in the household and on-going "basic training". Lady is smart and caring, and has amazing potential.

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