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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Available For Adoption

Dazzle - Texas

Hi everyone! I am Dazzle. I think I got that name because my personality is sparkling and spunky. I was rescued from a shelter near Fort Worth, Texas. I am an eight month old girl and only weight six pounds (I may have some long haired Chihuahua somewhere in my background). When I was little (well, smaller than I am now), my leg got broken and nobody took me to a vet to have it fixed. My leg didn't heal correctly, but I get around just fine on three! I jumped up on the back of the couch last night (from the floor, by the way) so maybe I only need three legs anyway. Oh, and I've figured out if I bark a little, the big dogs notice me and will play with me.

I'm a snuggle bug and will sit in your lap as long as you let me. And if you won't let me, I'll play with a toy or a kong until you are ready for me. I will bring a ball back to you if you'll throw it for me. I am on a regular schedule and usually make it outside to do my business. But I AM a puppy, remember, so I use puppy pads if I can't wait. Please see the rest of my pictures at

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