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Friday, January 29, 2010

Available for Adoption

Jakey Boy in Florida

The Top Ten Reasons You Should Adopt Jakey Boy Ratbone:
#10 He is 8 years young and 17 lbs
#9 He's a beautiful and unusual blue & white tuxedo rattie
#8 Jake is housebroken, with no accidents in his fosterhome
#7 He's a great watchdog and will alert you when strangers approach or enter the house
#6 If you want to be adored, he is the dog for you (we think he will be good with older kids too)
#5 Jake gets along well with other dogs, even if they misbehave toward him (we think he will be OK with kitties too)
#4 You'll never sit or sleep alone again
#3 This fella has excellent time management skills - he does his potty business quickly and on demand
#2 Jake is playful but not obsessed with balls or fetch, and he doesn't desqueak or destuff toys
And, the #1 reason to adopt Jake Boy: he bonds to his human quickly and will be your BFF in no time.
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