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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Available for Adoption

Muna LilBit in Florida

Muna is a Hopi word meaning “overflowing spring”, and this little 2 year old is an overflowing spring of Love. Muna is a sweet, tri-colored Rat Terrier, weighing 10-12 pounds. She was left in a shelter with her litter of 5 two-week old babies. Muna is a very loving little girl, and gentle with her foster family. She plays well with all the dogs in her foster home. Muna Lil Bit is potty trained and uses the doggie door to go outside and do her business. She loves to ride and go outside for walks on a leash. Muna doesn't walk well with a regular collar, so a harness is a must for this playful little girl. She is always eager to go outside or to jump in the car with you for a trip to anywhere you’ll take her. She loves her toys and chasing Mr. Squirrel with her foster siblings. One thing Lil Bit does not like is a crate. Muna much prefers to sleep with her people and to be really close to them most of the time. She is not destructive in her foster home at all, so her foster parents have not crated her due to fear that she would hurt herself in trying to escape. Her name may be Muna Lil Bit, but she has a lot of loving to give! She is still a puppy in many ways, and loves to run the yard and hunt for moles and squirrels with her foster sister. Muna does respond to the "come" command, though if she has treed a squirrel sometimes you have to go get her - even at feeding time. A home with at least a 6 foot fence (no chain link, please) is a must for this little girl or her people will have to be out walking her all the time; she has so much energy and “bounce” in her step, and just loves to be outside. When she's after Mr. Squirrel she can and does leap over five feet in the air - or tries to run right up the fence or tree to get him. As an added bonus Muna loves to snuggle and be held. And when the sky turns dark she's ready for bed and a good snuggle with her people. Would you love to have a dog that is still a puppy in many ways - without having to potty train, teach to walk on leash, and learn to love going for a ride with you? Are you someone who wants a dog to love on that will love you back, unconditionally? If so, then this sweet girl is the one for you. Muna is eager to find someone of her very own that she can love for the rest her life. Are you the one? Please apply today; her puppies are all gone and Bitsy is waiting for her own forever home.

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