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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Available for Adoption

Louie Udin - New York
Louie Udin is an amazingly friendly dog who is very loved by his current owners. They know they can’t provide him with the attention he needs and deserves, and so they want to be sure he goes to the right family. Louie does need lots of attention, either from his owners or from a dog companion. He is jealous of the attention that his current owners give to their two young children, but he is never aggressive towards them, and does love children. Louie needs plenty of exercise daily.

His current owners live in a small apartment in the city and work long hours, so Louie is overweight due to lack of exercise. His current owners feel strongly that Louie’s new family be able to exercise him regularly and provide him with the attention he is lacking. Louie would do best in a home with people who have previous experience with dogs, as he thrives with the stimulation and training that only experienced dog owners can provide. Louie can reliably stay home alone for long periods of time, but he has been known to chew up stuffed animals and wooden (children's) toys if he gets worried that his owners have been gone for too long.

He is crate-trained, but he is allowed free run of the house at this time (though he could adjust to staying in a crate again). Louie is a curious dog, so he should not be let off of his leash; he has been known to escape from backyards that are not fully fenced. He gets along well with most other dogs.

Note: This dog is a "Guardian Assistance Placement" dog, meaning he/she is being cared for in a home that is not affiliated with Ratbone Rescues. The guardian has supplied vet records and signed an agreement giving Ratbone the right and responsibility to rehome the dog, but Ratbone does not have physical custody and cannot otherwise vouch for any of the information provided.

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