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Monday, November 24, 2008

Available For Adoption

Spikey (Wisconsin)

Spikey is a brainy and happy fellow who seeks a home where he can be top canine. He's very smart and enjoys learning new things. He’s becoming an expert at "sit," "stay," "watch," and "wait". He has great self-control in applying good behavior at feeding and play times. His passions include food, playing with his exercise ball, and keeping an eye on things. He's affectionate, shy, and playful, and loves to go on walks and to snuggle. He’s inquisitive and finds great pleasure in family outings in the yard, neighborhood, and countryside. He's crate- and house-trained and easily accepts quiet time in the house. Spikey seeks status and is happiest as an only dog. Note: This dog is a "Guardian Assistance Placement" dog, meaning he/she is being cared for in a home that is not affiliated with Ratbone Rescues. The guardian has supplied vet records and signed an agreement giving Ratbone the right and responsibility to rehome the dog, but Ratbone does not have physical custody and cannot otherwise vouch for any of the information provided.

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