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Friday, January 9, 2009

Available for Adoption

Teagan is a gorgeous 2-3 year old, 9 pound sweetheart out of a South Carolina puppymill and currently being fostered in New York. She has been in foster for about 3 months now and is making great strides. Teagan is very timid and scared of many "normal" things, but is slowly getting better everyday. She pays no mind to other dogs and just loves the four young kids in her foster home. She actually is more comfortable right now around the children and has never shown an aggressive side ever, no matter how frightened she was. She hasn't been around cats, but with her aloof attitude towards other animals, she would most likely be fine. She loves to snuggle and will lay with you for hours. She is working on housetraining which may take some time and consistency but does go on potty pads most of the time. She will need someone who can devote the time and patience to help this special, sweet little girl open up.

Joy Belle was rescued from a South Carolina puppymill with her two baby girls. She is about 7 years old, and weighs 14 pounds (she's a little tubby from eating puppy food). She gets along with the other dogs in her foster home, and ignores the kitties. Belle is a very sweet girl. Despite spending her early years in a puppymill with very little positive interaction she is affectionate and craves attention. She's still shy, but wants very much to be petted and held. Belle would be most comfortable in an adults-only home, or one with much older children. To see pictures of Belle and her babies please click here. Please consider adopting this very deserving girl. She is being fostered in Florida.

Julie Bug (aka Jubie) was rescued from a South Carolina puppymill with her three puppies and is being fostered in Florida. She is about 9 years old, and weighs 9 pounds. Jubie gets along with the other dogs in her foster home, and appears to want to make friends with the kitties. Jubie is a very sweet, very submissive girl. Although she is initially fearful of being picked up, once you have her in your arms Jubie thoroughly enjoys the attention. We feel that Julie Bug would be most comfortable in an adults-only home. Jubie has heartworms, so she must go through treatment before adoption. She may also need to have surgery on her right patella (knee), as it seems to be luxated (out of position). But while she's getting healthy and fit Jubie is busy learning how to be a "regular dog". To see photos of Jubie and her pups, click here.

Bogie Boy is a button eared, red and white male who is approximately 15 pounds (but needs to gain a pound or two). He is thought to be 3 years of age, and is mostly house trained with a doggie door. Bogie was a puppy mill stud and did not have any ‘good‘ contact with humans, if any. He has made incredible strides since coming into his Ratbone foster home. Bogie Boy has bonded well with his fostermom and follows her wherever she goes. He is very timid, but loves belly rubs & hanging out on the sofa and napping with his foster brothers. He rides well in the car. Bogie is not good left alone and is not crate trained, so would need companionship (if not his person then another dog). He is very afraid of almost everything, but has no fear of other dogs; he really likes to follow his foster-brothers around the yard and on walks. He came into Ratbone having no leash experience but is coming along nicely, and is starting to like to go for walks - though he prefers the comfort of his yard. Bogie is a very submissive, sweet boy who needs a loving, patient, quiet home with at least one other dog. He would make a great, loving companion for a home that does not want a very active dog. He is being fostered in Volcano, CA.

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