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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thank You Secret Santa!

Some very nice people acted as Secret Santas for some lucky Ratbone Fosters this year. We want to say a big THANK YOU for your generosity and to share photos of some very happy doggies enjoying their gifts. Be sure to click here as the SS photo albumn is updated with new images. Some of our foster parents do not have access to digital photography but they are no less appreciative of those who were kind enough to send treats, chewies, clothing, and bedding to Rat Terriers in need.

Weezie just tasted one of the yummy treats in her secret Santa package - and boy was it GOOD! She wanted to say "thank you" to her Santa, too.

Oh Mickey Ratbone was adopted the day after Christmas, so his fostermom sent his stash home with him so he could open it with his new family! THANK YOU SECRET SANTA FOR YOUR GENEROUS GIFTS!! Mickey's Mom says he LOVES his new sweater!

Madeline got a bed, Dingo bones, yummy treats, and TWO toys from her Santa! Thank you for being so generous!!

Kenna didn't quite know what to do with SO many toys! "Thank you, Santa!"

Julie Bug (rescued from a puppymill with her puppies) was a bit overwhelmed by the generosity of her secret Santa. She got a bed, a blankie, toys, treats and a new bowl. Thank you so much for showing Jubie that people are kind and good!

Joy Belle (also resced with her babies from a puppymill) got the same secret Santa as Jubie, and she was just as generous with Belle! Here you can see that she loves the soft bed & blankie, and that she's already sampled the yummy, chocolatey treats.


My Little Family: said...

Oh Mickey you are so welcome! I am glad you enjoyed your items and congratulations on finding your furever home! Vickie

Sarah said...

They are all so cute with their little toys!

Rachel said...

I love these pictures.They all look so happy with their loot! Bless the secret santas and foster parents!