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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update On Little Maya Who Needed Surgery

If you don't remember her story, click here to link to the original post. Basically Ratbone was raising money because she needed surgery due to a problem with her urinary ureters. Well, she's had her surgery and is in the process of healing now. WooHoo for Maya!

Here's Maya the day after her surgery. Poor little thing doesn't look like she's feeling too good. Her surgery was on Tuesday the 27th . She was supposed to leave the hospital on Friday the 30th but she needs a bit more care so she's still there for now.

Here's a photo of her surgical site and a catheter to help take the pressure off her bladder while she heals. And, to ensure that everything stays in place. a closeup of the dreaded cone, LOL.

Heres a note from her foster mama regarding her recovery:

I'm not sure when Maya can come home. She gave us all a scare on Thursday when her kidney values/blood work were elevated. The vets thought that she might be leaking uring into her belly, and told me to expect another surgery. But then they checked her with the ultrasound and discovered that her kidneys were only working at 20-30% capacity; they thought Maya was in renal failure!

After 48 hours of intensive IV fluids her kidneys appear to have finally "kicked in", and they feel she's turned a corner. Today she was back to her sweet, playful, KISSy self when I visited, and I hope to be able to bring her home Monday or Tuesday. I'm kinda dreading the bill, though.

If you would like to help Ratbone with the cost of Maya's surgery and care, please send a check or money order to: Ratbone Rescues P.O. Box 3237 Seminole, FL 33775-3237.


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Scott Watkins said...

Awesome news! Glad too hear Maya is doing better....she does look like she's feeling really bad in that pix.
Thanks for keeping us posted and everything you do!!!!