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Sunday, February 1, 2009

MySpace Volunteer of the Month

A Ratbone volunteer maintains a MySpace page for the organization ( much like a volunteer maintains this blog. Each month the MySpace page honors a volunteer for their tireless work and dedication to Rat Terriers in need. This month the Volunteer ofthe Month is...............

The Ratbone Myspace Volunteer of the Month for February is the HappyTail Team : Diane U., Rachel S., and Julie D. We don't typically do a whole team, but they have all come together and done a slam up job. We were missing the privilege of knowing how our pups were doing after adoption. Thanks to all three of you for stepping up and filling this much needed position.

The Happy Tails team is the folks who call adopters to follow up on how they and their new doggie are adapting. Sometimes they need additional information regarding training, feeding, etc. and sometimes they give us wonderful, humerous stories. Often they give us a love story!

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