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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Available For Adoption

Meet Gromit in California! Gromit is a very loving and playful dog who loves to play fetch in the house and curl up right next to people. He is obedient to basic commands such as "sit", "come", "stay", "down", and "heel." He loves to go on long walks and has the endurance to last for at least a 2 mile run!

Gromit loves to eat almost anything, and sometimes doesn't know his limits; he is on a strict diet to prevent the formation of bladder stones. Gromit can be a loud barker, especially when he sees unfamiliar dogs walk by his home. He currently lives in a condo, with access to a balcony and a potty pad for mid-day potty breaks. He is crate trained, and sleeps the night through there. Gromit is a very good dog, and will make an excellent companion for a family that has time and attention to give him

Note: This dog is a "Guardian Assistance Placement" dog, meaning he/she is being cared for in a home that is not affiliated with Ratbone Rescues. The guardian has supplied vet records and signed an agreement giving Ratbone the right and responsibility to rehome the dog, but Ratbone does not have physical custody and cannot otherwise vouch for any of the information provided.

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