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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Available for Adoption

Harry In South Carolina

Harry was born on 5/31/08, is 10 months old and weighs 14 pounds. He is a black tri-color, very handsome boy with beautiful markings. Harry was given up by his previous owner, and seems nervous of some larger dogs. He loves to play ball, with play with toys (especially tug of war), and loves to run in the yard. Harry is very energetic, so he might do better with dogs who are as energetic as he is. He loves to go for walks, and is doing well for a 10 month old - but could a bit more training and practice. Harry will bolt out the door, but his fostermom is teaching him to sit before the door is opened. He will need some obedience training, being strong-minded and intelligent. He already knows the sit command, and his fostermom thinks he might make a good agility prospect! Harry is basically housetrained as long as you let him out on schedule. He's also crate trained. Harry met the two neighbor children (around 10 years old), and he was very good with them. He seems to love everyone he meets, and is a very sweet and loving boy.

Note: This dog is a"Guardian Assistance Placement" dog, meaning he/she is being cared forin a home that is not affiliated with Ratbone Rescues. The guardian has suppliedvet records and signed an agreement giving Ratbone the right and responsibilityto rehome the dog, but Ratbone does not have physical custody and cannototherwise vouch for any of the information provided.

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