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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Available for Adoption

January Jack in Maine

Hi, I’m January Jack. My friends just call me Jack. I’m about 16-18 pounds and 6 years old. I need a new home because my family moved very far away. I love to watch TV, and actually get quite involved with dogs and other animals that come on; I try to talk to them and make friends or scare them away!! I am very well mannered most of the time, and I'm completely housebroken. I don’t get in the trash, or pick at your toys either (I have some of my own). I really don’t like loud noises, stereos, or being startled, and sometimes I bark at them. I get a bit unnerved and will go find my blanket and stay put. I'd love to cuddle under the covers with you, though I’d prefer not to be moved when I'm napping - even though my fostermom does it all the time. I'll love to listen to you talk to me and will give you all sorts of expressions, as I truly do have a clue what you are saying. My foster brothers and sister are kind of fun; I can play with the Husky/Shepherd, and play keep away with the ones of my own size. Cats are not my favorite animals and I’d prefer a home without one. The rest of the time I am relaxed and want to play with my new Mom or Dad. I guess I’d like to be the only dog and the apple of your eye. Loud and playful kids could scare me too but that depends upon how we end up getting to know each other. My foster mom says that I have cute ears and engaging eyes and for the most part I am a very good and loveable boy! Jack

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