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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Available For Adoption

Sierra (NY)
Please meet Sierra! Sierra is a Teddy Roosevelt Ratty, or B-Type body Ratty. She had a pretty rough start in life. She was seized from another rescue group in Kentucky, where she and about 300 other dogs were kept in an abandoned school house classroom. Poor little Sierra had terrible mange, which has been treated, and now she's ready to find her forever home! You would never know this precious little girl has had it rough, because she is always happy! Her little nubby is always wagging and she’s always ready to play!

She loves people, other dogs and she even did well when she met children (although we are not sure about cats)! She is just an overall very sweet girl who would fit in almost any household! She is crate trained and housebroken, and although the shelter had her listed at approximately 5 years old, her fostermom believes she is closer to 2 because her teeth are extremely white and have little plaque or discoloration! Please give this precious little girl the forever home she deserves!

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