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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Available For Adoption

ODY (Georgia)

Odysseus - "Ody" - is named after a valiant Greek hero from the Trojan war, who overcame many obstacles to return to his home. Thanks to Ratbone Rescues Ody is overcoming his obstacle of neglect. He's an adorable little bundle at 11 pounds, and is also very lively and spunky. Ody is hand shy and fearful when first meeting people; however, after just a few short days in his foster home he is growing more confident. He loves playing with his foster brother and sisters and doing rat runs with them. He is approximately 1 1/2 years old and is a very sweet little guy.

Ody enjoys being held and cuddled and will snuggle right under your chin. He hasn't had any potty accidents since coming into foster care. He has not been introduced to very young children or toddlers and is very frightened of teenagers and strangers when first meeting them, but given a little time and patience he warms up quickly. Ody sleeps all night in his crate and will scratch on it if he needs to go potty. If you're up for a small, sweet, little love bug then Ody is your perfect match. He will quickly steal your heart.

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