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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Available for Adoption

Burdock "Doc" - Florida

Burdock (Doc for short) and his 4 brothers and sisters were dumped at a Louisiana kill shelter when they were only five weeks old. They rode a rescue transport all the way to Florida, and are now living with older dogs and 3 kitties. Doc is paper trained and learning to go outside to potty. Right now he still sleeps in a big pile with his siblings, but he's just about old enough to learn to sleep all night in a crate. Doc is a sweet, shy boy who weighs 7 pounds. He is now 10 weeks old, so should reach about 15-17 pounds by adulthood. Doc has a full tail, and his ears are large and "dropped" (like a Beagle's). We think he might have had a different Daddy than the other pups, because he also has very stubby legs and big feet. In this picture of Doc he is posing pretty with his little brother Indi. To see more photos of Burdock and his brothers and sisters please go to

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