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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Available for Adoption

Gilbert - Georgia

Gilbert is estimated to be between 10 and 15 years old and weighs only 4 pounds. The older estimate probably attributed to his being a stray with four bad teeth when found which probably had made it difficult for him to eat for a long time. He was given a dental and since has had a healthy appetite and already looks much better. And he is a very pretty little doggie. Oother than a slight urinary tract infection (which has been remedied with a regimen of antibiotics), he has no medical problems. He has no chronic conditions other than a little arthritis in his front left leg, on his first joint. It causes his joint to slide in and out on occasion which does not slow him down in the least or cause obvious discomfort. He loves to run and play and jumps on and off of the coach. Obviously, he was a very loved pet at one time, as he loves to be doted on and is extremely social. Gilbert gets along well with cats, children and other small dogs. However, he is intimidated by dogs over 20 pounds, and will growl at them when they get too close. Gilbert is also house-trained and has never had one accident. He is adamant about only using the bathroom outside and will hold himself for as long as necessary (this is probably why he had the urinary tract infection). Due to his diminutive size and older years a home within ground transport distnce (600 miles or less) would be preferential for this lovable little guy. To see additional photos of Gilbert, go to

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