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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Available For Adoption

Trigger - Florida

Trigger (mostly known as Tig) was born in a shelter in North Georgia; he is currently 2 years old. His Mama was a little Rattie named "Wicca"; she and her 5 babies came to Florida to foster when Tig was only 5 weeks old. One by one the puppies were adopted, except for little Tig - who didn't look at all like a Rat Terrier. Then Wicca was adopted. Tig finally found his home when he was 5 months old. Sadly, his family didn't socialize him properly, and he now has some issues that they were not willing to deal with. Tig has separation anxiety (which caused him to bark uncontrollably when left home alone) and fear issues (related to a lack of socialization while he was growing up). He has been on medication for his condition for 2 months now, and is showing quite a bit of improvement. Still, we hope to find sweet Tig a family with someone who's at home all the time, so he doesn't need to feel anxious or afraid of losing his person ever again. Trigger is house-broken and crate trained. He weighs 18 pounds, though he's still very thin looking. To see more pictures of Tig please click

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