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Monday, October 26, 2009

Available for Adoption

Jorge in Oregon

Jorge (pronounced the Spanish way: 'HOR-hey'), is a sleek Rat Terrier with erect ears and a long tail. He was rescued from a hoarding situation and then held in a shelter for a few months. Jorge is still learning about how to get along in a human home. The stairs were foreign objects at first, but now he navigates them with ease. Jorge was very well socialized to dogs, but wasn't sure about humans. He's still rather shy of reaching hands.
Jorge wears an easy-walk harness and is learning to walk where the human leads, rather than where he wants to go. He is submissive to other dogs and will likely get along with any dog in his future home. Jorge has visited the local dog park and went to a regional Ratbone Rescues gathering, where he waited politely in an ex-pen that he could have easily jumped out of. He is gentle and playful. Due to his background, he thinks that many plastic things are chew toys (single-serve salad dressing packets, food storage containers), so new and better chew toys should be available in his forever home.
Jorge watches his human closely and responds to his name. Humans who are lying down are much less scary; he may come up and snuggle right up to you if you're lying down. He has responded to clicker training, and is agile & eager to jump up on things. Jorge does not do well with the outdoor cats at his foster home. He has not been exposed to children, but should do well with respectful children over the age of 12.
Jorge still needs a bit of help with his potty training. He has not demonstrated any tendency to food guarding, probably due to his extreme submissiveness. Jorge is blossoming into an affectionate dog, and will need just the right forever home to help complete his transformation from an abandoned pack dog to a beloved pampered pet.

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