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Monday, October 26, 2009

Avalable for Adoption

Spirit In Florida

Spirit was found wandering around in an office complex, living off scraps. She is estimated to be about 1 year old, and weighs approximately 14 pounds. Spirit loves to play with other dogs, and is respectful of the kitties in her foster home. She keeps a clean, dry crate overnight, and is not food- aggressive. But Spirit is still trying to find trust for humans - especially men. She doesn't try to bite men - she just barks at them and keeps a close eye on them when they come around; she also "complains" about them to her fostermom quite vocally. We think Spirit would be okay with children over the age of 6, as long as they let her get to know them before trying to get rowdy with her; with her fostermom she is loving and protective. Spirit uses the dog door to go out to potty. To see more picturess

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