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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Available for Adoption

Foxy Roxy - Florida

Are you looking for a “turn key” dog? If so, little Miss Foxy Roxy might be the dog for you! She’s housebroken (dog door or regular walks), crate trained, good in a car and on a leash, submissive to other dogs and humans, plus she’s sweet and snuggly. Roxy likes nothing more than to play and love her humans and canine companions. She has a very strong prey drive and will rid your yard of lizards and pesky squirrels.

Roxy was found as a stray and is in the last stages of heartworm treatment, so she will not be available for adoption until early December. She’s been a trooper spending all of her time in a crate during treatment. Her age is estimated to be no more than 2 years old. Roxy came into rescue thin but plenty of good food has her physique looking good and her soft fur shining.

She’s very playful, speedy, and mouthy so she might not be a good match for small children. However - she’s highly motivated by food and treats, so will probably train easily; Roxy's foster mama is waiting until her crate time is over before working with her. This wonderful little girl’s positive attitude would likely fit well in a variety of environments so if you are looking for a sweet, small, playful companion, Roxy just might be your girl!
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