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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Available for Adoption

Harry - Alabama

Harry is a 6 year old male Rat Terrier who left his adoptive family due to their illnesses. He has been well loved, so he doesn’t have some of the issues other dogs may have. Harry is house broken and has only had one accident in his foster home (the first night, after driving from Indiana to Alabama). Harry is a calm, loving dog who loves to play ball and run with his fosterRattie brother, JoeJoe - also a Rattie.

Harry weighs 22 pounds and the vet said he is in perfect health! He isn’t a barker. Harry does alert his foster family when someone is at the door, but he isn’t a “yip-yip” kind of dog at all. At the end of the day Harry likes to cuddle and watch TV, and he will let his fostermom know when it’s time to go to bed; he sleeps all night without needing to go out. Harry is great with children and even with strangers. He is very smart, and can say “Mama”! Harry does well at home with JoeJoe while everyone's at work. He has not chewed any shoes or broken anything. This dog is a sweetheart and a treasure. We know someone will be very lucky to get him!

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