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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Available for Adoption

LC - Texas

Hi! My name is LC, for Little Cow, because I have cow spots and also it sounds like Elsie. I'm three years old and weigh twelve pounds. I could stand to gain a little weight, though. My foster mom gives me some tasty food so I'm working on the weight thing. I am house trained and will go in a crate to sleep or sleep in a doggie bed, whatever you want me to do. I'm not destructive and can be left alone without any anxiety.

I lived for a couple of weeks with a nice family and their Rattie. Before that I lived with five Chihuahuas and six cats. It's a little quieter at my new digs and I am getting used to it...and I kinda like it! There's other doggies to play with me, but I prefer the little Rattie girl that is about my age; we have fun in the yard. I like to sit in my fostermom's lap at night and watch TV. I used a doggie door (in the door) at my last house, but this house has a doggie door in the wall and I am still a little unsure about it, since it has two flaps. I went through it yesterday when I saw a treat on the other side. The other foster rattie here told me to wait for the treats - no sense in going through it for free! She's been here longer so I listened to her - I'm smart!

I love to go for walks outside and see new territory. Those people on bicycles look like they're having fun so I bark at them to ride faster. Mom tells me to hush, they're riding as fast as they can! Check out my photos at I'd be a wonderful addition to a quiet family that would allow me to warm up to them at my own pace. Could it be you???

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